Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Garden

Ohhh.... I think that peacock might be the death of me... LOL  
no seriously... I finally chose the colors.  I began to stitch, man, he was looking good.  Almost done... to the tail... hmmm... what's this? what did I do wrong... wait... count that again... 1, 2, 3, 4... hmmm... look at chart... 1, 2, 3... hmmm... look at bird... hmmm... I'm off... how can I be off... oh, wait... way over here at the beginning... yeah, 5 stitches NOT 6! ARGGGHHHHH! can I fake it? can I leave it...? no... long, deep, drawn-out sigh... ok, pull your stitches... and of course, that's not easy.  So, finally, stitches are pulled and bird started over.  I'm beginning to get impatient to finish this one! :-)

On a bright note... we have wonderful, glorious, sunny sunshine!!! (which is good since it's only 3 degrees! yikes!!! that's cold)  Sojo is very much enjoying the sun.  
All of you Bloggin Buddies in the North East... be prepared... I heard your to get some major weather tonight and tomorrow.  Stay Safe and Warm.


  1. Sorry you have had to take out some stitches. It is looking beautiful!

  2. It's looking great. Nobody would have probably noticed it, lol
    I have been frogging a darn palm leaf, just can't get it right, so you are not alone.
    Sojo sure looks comfy

  3. Kim it is worth every effort and tug of the thread, believe me! So pretty...I just can't wait to start this project!

  4. Snow Garden is looking just beautiful.

  5. What a shame you ahd to remove some stitches but it looks beautiful! I can hardly wait to get back to mine.