Monday, April 6, 2015

Baja California Sur Vacation!

Ahhhh... sun and fun! After rain and snow and sleet and cold... it's so nice to see the sun! We just got back from Loreto, Mexico located a little over half way down the Baja Peninsula on the Sea of Cortez.
What a quaint little town... pretty untouched by tourism.  I'm sure that will change over the next several years as there are quite a few resorts expanding and developing.  We stayed at the Villa del Palmar Islands It's a beautiful resort 45 minutes south of the town of Loreto.  The snorkeling was AMAZING! and the fishing was pretty good too.  I know that I could take my sea sick people there and they would be fine.

Stay warm...
the wooleystitcher

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!!!

So... the calendar says it's the first day of spring.  It really has been pretty nice here... last year this time we had about 4 feet of snow on the level.  My brother who lives in California would send me garden pictures and I would send him winter wonderland pictures!
This morning I looked out the window and even saw a pair of bluebirds! I'm sure they were wondering what the heck they were doing here in frosty 20 degree weather!  I couldn't get a picture they were pretty fleeting...

A little more on my Still Waters.
Stay warm my friends
the wooleystitcher

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Still Waters by Plum Street Samplers... update

Evening All,
Been getting a little stitching done.  Don't you just love the lion?  Look at his wild mane!  I love the shepherd between the lion and the lamb!

 Good Night!
Stay Warm!
the wooleystitcher

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Monday!

Hi All,
I hope you had a lovely weekend!
We had a great time.  My brother and his family came over and we celebrated his birthday with barbecue ribs and cupcakes and pinochle and the kids dancing to Just Dance 2015 video game... too funny!
My grand puppies were able to play.
And I even got some stitching on Still Waters by Plum Street Samplers done!

I'm enjoying this stitch quite a lot.  As I was going through my flosses I discovered that I was short two of the silks from the kit... the hazards I suppose of buying a kit from someone's stash... oh well... I pulled the DMC colors and decided to use them.  I see several kits out there were they mix brands and types of flosses so  I figured what the hey... that will work! ;) I love the sheep and the llama.  Their little faces are 1/1.
Well, I hope that your week is great!
Until later keep stitching and Stay Warm!
the wooleystitcher

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More Still Waters

I looked down at my chart and at my stitching and realized that my red star was stitched to the left to far... I went the wrong direction... UGGG... I hate pulling stitches... but I did and then restitched and then added the peacock! Yay.

Happy Stitching!
Stay Warm!
the wooley stitcher

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Still Waters

The end of the day finds me getting ready to go to bed... but not after a very nice day.  Went for a drive & a walk.  Took Jake, the hound dog.  Oh my, that dog.  We have to keep him on a leash... every deer he sees he wants to chase.  We have a lot of deer and we don't want him to get into that habit.  So the entire time he drug me around.  It was exhausting! It must have tired him out too because when we got back to the truck he took a nap!
I got some stitching done on PSS Still Waters.  Check it out! ;)

Well, night all!
the wooley stitcher

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe Give Away

Please All,
Go to Nancy's Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.  Sign up for her give away! She dyes amazing embellishments and flosses!
This is her picture of the giveaway embellishment items.  She is also giving away linen or aida, and 10 of her new variegated flosses!  Just check her out!
the wooley stitcher