Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hey All... well I haven't gotten these yet... I just ordered them! Aren't they beautiful??? Springtime in Holland by Chatelaine... it's stunning...

Days of Advent by Mary Beale If you want to see a finished Days of Advent ~ Siobhan at has it finished in her albums... 2007.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Exchange Squares

As you know, I joined Fair & Square Blog // We exchange 2 ~ 6" squares stitched on 32 ct. with another member that is decided by the moderator... It's great fun! Anyways, I exchanged with Daniela from Finland. I was a little nervous because I have seen some of her previouse stitching and she is wonderful! I was also excited to see what she would make for me. Well, you saw the beautiful quaker squares that she made.. and if you didn't scroll down! Well, she finally received my squares, so I can share them with you now... The pattern is from Hester's Needle, Deer in the Woods Sampler pattern. It was stitched on 32 ct Vintage Exampler... I followed the color chart in DMC, except the red... it called for a burgundy red and I liked this bricky red. I really liked this pattern for what Daniela said was her current interests... but the pattern was 103 stitches... so I had to do it 1/1 ~ it took some time but I got it done... I really like the way the squares turned out... I can't wait to see what you do with them Daniela! I have to figure out what to do with my squares too... hmmm... like I said for some reason that's the hardest part for me!
Well, I hope your weekend is shaping up to be nice~ I was outside almost all day raking and such... finally the snow is melting! Yay! ;-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Got Mail!!! and my quilt...

I went to the mail box yesterday and low and behold there was an envelope from Finland!!! Yippeee!!! My squares from Daniela, my trade partner from Fair & Square Blog... She made me the loveliest set of quaker squares in the prettiest teals and chocolates... and who doesn't love teal & chocolate? Thank you so very much Daniela, I hope that you like your squares as much as I like mine!!! ;-) Now, what to do with them... ??? I have to do them justice... maybe I'll make a pillow... need to find some really pretty lace... hmmm... Will let you know.
Also, yesterday, Vicki called me and said "Your quilt is down at the quilt store..." Yippeee again!!! She did the quilting for me... now all that's left is binding... deep sigh... but I can do it! Enjoy the pictures...

Anyways... hope your week is wonderful and full of stitching of some sort!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Finally! My Gloriana Silks finally arrived! Yay! These are for my ByGone Stitches ~ Quaker Christmas! Well, ok, not all of them... but some... I'm trying to decide if I should go traditional red, green and gold or maybe blues... I decorate my tree in blues... some red... but mostly blue with blue and white lights... but then again I might give this as a gift... hmmm... decisions ~ decisions... what do you think? Maybe I should just do both! (colors from left to right: Velvet Night Sky, Antique Gold Dark, Forest, Black Cherry, Elizabethan Green, Midnight, Rosewood and Winter Woods ~ have you ever seen such a beautiful blue??? It almost glows with vibrancy!!!)

When I ordered, I just knew that I would love the Rosewood... but, not so much now... the black cherry is lovely... isn't that funny?

A little weekend fun...

Good morning... I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend! We had a lovely couple of days. My sister-in-law and family came to visit, also my DH's grandpa came. My in-laws live next door. So we had a nice time. The kids enjoyed having their cousins over. We had a huge Easter dinner after church.
I got a little stitching done... this was a freebie called Bay View Estate from Donna at By the Bay Needlearts... she has a great blog space... you should check it out if you haven't already. (added link below)
I stitched this with the recommended DMC flosses except the house. I used CC Wild Berries. The leaves on the willow are a detached chain stitch... that was fun! The linen is Creme Bruele 40 ct. I stitched it to a hand dyed piece of wool... I'm thinking of mounting it on a box top... will post the entire finished piece when it's all done.

Friday, April 10, 2009

School Girl Necessities Needlebook

I finished it!!! Now, I finished it myself... and I am not 100% happy with it (a little rough) but I know things that I will change for the next one... I had bought the purple fabric for the lining... but with the light color of the linen I thought maybe the muslin that they called for would look better so I went with that. But YIPPPEEE!!!
It's DONE!!! ;-)
The pattern is by With My Needle.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm done....

Well, I finished my exchange squares for Daniela... too
bad I can't post the picts yet... (sorry, that was kind
of mean... ;-)) I must say that I like them a lot and I have taken pictures and I have mailed them... so as soon as she receives them you can see too...

hmm... but I do have a couple other pictures to share. First, I purchased some material to finish a needlebook that I started. I think it will go nicely.

Also, a picture of LHN Winter Wonderland... I think it is destined to be a pillow... Need to go down to the "room" and look through my quilt stash for appropriate fabric...

It's a bit overcast outside but the sun did shine a while ago... so nice ~ it's suppose to be 67 degrees today... yipee!!! and in the upper 40's to mid 50's for the next 10 days ~ the snow should be gone soon... (I hope)
Hope your day is lovely...

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ok as you all know... I love all things textile
(that's what I decided today anyways...) I mean
I love to quilt, I love to stitch, I love to punch
(needle, rug, my hubby ~ lol!!!) I love wool, thread,
linen, hand dyed, over dyed, moda, quaker,
primitive, sampler, batik, silk, plaid, flannel...
the list goes on and on and on and on...
I walk into a store... any store and I have
to touch things ~ everything I walk by...
(drives the hubby crazy!) anyways... where
was I going with this? Oh, ya... ;-) I purchased
and finished "Signs of Spring"
by With Thy Needle and Thread"
~ I was going to finish as she had on a little box...
but I didn't have anything oval shaped...
so I painted a frame and mounted the
needlepunch on fabric... (from the large stash of quilting fabric~hmmm... we'll save that for another day...)
and there ya go... It's soooo cute!!!
I have 2 more that I ordered... "Fraktur"
and "She Seeketh Wool" (go figure!) I got the
board for "Fraktur" but I'm not sure how
I'll finish the other...???
My biggest problem always is figuring out how to finish a project... I mean... I love the beginning and the middle but the end... ugggg... it always slows me up!