Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hey All... well I haven't gotten these yet... I just ordered them! Aren't they beautiful??? Springtime in Holland by Chatelaine... it's stunning...

Days of Advent by Mary Beale If you want to see a finished Days of Advent ~ Siobhan at has it finished in her albums... 2007.


  1. Woo! What incredible stash enhancements you've made there!! I hadn't seen the Chatelaine design before--it's gorgeous! It reminds me of Delft pottery in some spots. You will LOVE stitching Days. It's a huge project but super fun, and the colors in it are wonderful to use. I hope Mary designs more stuff like it soon!

  2. Kim your new stash enhancement is wonderful! I have never attempted a Chatelaine design before - The size and number of beads alone is a detterent factor for me LOL but they are gorgeous - I started the Days of Advent but it is languishing in the UFO pile - I know you will have fun with it. Enjoy! Melody