Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Got Mail!!! and my quilt...

I went to the mail box yesterday and low and behold there was an envelope from Finland!!! Yippeee!!! My squares from Daniela, my trade partner from Fair & Square Blog... She made me the loveliest set of quaker squares in the prettiest teals and chocolates... and who doesn't love teal & chocolate? Thank you so very much Daniela, I hope that you like your squares as much as I like mine!!! ;-) Now, what to do with them... ??? I have to do them justice... maybe I'll make a pillow... need to find some really pretty lace... hmmm... Will let you know.
Also, yesterday, Vicki called me and said "Your quilt is down at the quilt store..." Yippeee again!!! She did the quilting for me... now all that's left is binding... deep sigh... but I can do it! Enjoy the pictures...

Anyways... hope your week is wonderful and full of stitching of some sort!



  1. What beautiful squares! Lucky girl. Did you see that our Mel is going to be single soon? I'm actually sad for him :-(

  2. What lovely squares and the quilt is beautiful!!

  3. Oh those squares are lovely. How nice.
    But OMG your quilt, its fabulous. great job!

  4. What a great exchange!! Lovely squares. Your quilt--S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G!

  5. Hey Kim,
    glad you like my squares. Yours haven't arrived yet. Maybe today, I'll let you know right away when they are here.

  6. Lovely stitched squares, and that quilt is ever so pretty!!!!