Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Finally! My Gloriana Silks finally arrived! Yay! These are for my ByGone Stitches ~ Quaker Christmas! Well, ok, not all of them... but some... I'm trying to decide if I should go traditional red, green and gold or maybe blues... I decorate my tree in blues... some red... but mostly blue with blue and white lights... but then again I might give this as a gift... hmmm... decisions ~ decisions... what do you think? Maybe I should just do both! (colors from left to right: Velvet Night Sky, Antique Gold Dark, Forest, Black Cherry, Elizabethan Green, Midnight, Rosewood and Winter Woods ~ have you ever seen such a beautiful blue??? It almost glows with vibrancy!!!)

When I ordered, I just knew that I would love the Rosewood... but, not so much now... the black cherry is lovely... isn't that funny?


  1. Ooooo! Pretty! You have my attention!

  2. Those are really pretty colors. i love getting stash in the mail.

  3. I love your By The Bay design--great job! It sounds like you had a great Easter!

    Love the Gloriana threads. I love the colors but just don't enjoy stitching with them, so it makes me admire them even more. I love that blue--I vote for the blue for QC, btw!

    For Days, I used the charted NPIs on 35 or 36 ct Elegant Bean from Elegant Stitch. It was an enjoyable stitch because there were new to me NPIs used and just the color palette is fun. I wish Mary would come out with something more along those lines! I'd love to do her '...Hannah' casket but my husband would put me IN a casket if I spent that much on a small box--no matter how nice it was! BTW, don't know where you get your NPIs, but Drema at www.needlecraft-corner.com has them for 25% off. Just an FYI. Have fun with it!

  4. Super nice BTB design. I have been looking at the chart for days now, lol
    I love them Gloriana Silks , way too pretty

  5. Oh Wow ... I love the colors of the silk threads! Pretty Pretty!
    Do you have a favorite vendor for your embroidery threads or use different ones depending on the product??

  6. I LOVE Gloriana - I know you will enjoy your project with these beauties.

    Quilt looks wonderful - awesome - colorful - smashing!

  7. I love your Gloriana silks.

    I know what you mean about the Rosewood color. I chose to stitch my Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler with it and boy do I regret that! I invested quite a bit of $ in all those skeins and now I'm stuck. As you can imagine, I'm not making the greatest progress on my sampler because I'm out of love with the color of both my fabric and silk :(