Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ok as you all know... I love all things textile
(that's what I decided today anyways...) I mean
I love to quilt, I love to stitch, I love to punch
(needle, rug, my hubby ~ lol!!!) I love wool, thread,
linen, hand dyed, over dyed, moda, quaker,
primitive, sampler, batik, silk, plaid, flannel...
the list goes on and on and on and on...
I walk into a store... any store and I have
to touch things ~ everything I walk by...
(drives the hubby crazy!) anyways... where
was I going with this? Oh, ya... ;-) I purchased
and finished "Signs of Spring"
by With Thy Needle and Thread"
~ I was going to finish as she had on a little box...
but I didn't have anything oval shaped...
so I painted a frame and mounted the
needlepunch on fabric... (from the large stash of quilting fabric~hmmm... we'll save that for another day...)
and there ya go... It's soooo cute!!!
I have 2 more that I ordered... "Fraktur"
and "She Seeketh Wool" (go figure!) I got the
board for "Fraktur" but I'm not sure how
I'll finish the other...???
My biggest problem always is figuring out how to finish a project... I mean... I love the beginning and the middle but the end... ugggg... it always slows me up!


  1. You FINISHED that just after getting it? What the heck did you put in your coffee???? lol..I LOVED how you finished it! Very very pretty.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! I don't know how to needle punch but want to learn. I've been shown, it's more a matter of just picking it up and trying it. I love the Country Stitches patterns, especially the fraktur!

  3. Punchneedle is really pretty easy... like you said Siobhan, I found that I just had to do it. I have also rug punched with yarn... I liked that too... ;-)

  4. Beautiful needle punch. I have a heart design kit from hobby lobby, blah!! Maybe I will get it out and finish it. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. darling design Kim - I REFUSE to get involved with needlepunch though I agree it is another wonderful fiber art. I have been itching to do a bunny you know spring and all - so I am going to do a small rug using Paulette's Stewart new freebie design Hare Easter or whatever she called it LOL - it's a cutey.

  6. Wonderful!! I love love love your blog!! Definitely going into my favorites! I am a textile hound also! I even worked in a super large fabric store for awhile!

  7. Sherry ~ I don't think I could work in a fabric/quilt/yarn or needlework shop... well I could but I wouldn't ever bring home a paycheck!!! LOL!