Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm done....

Well, I finished my exchange squares for Daniela... too
bad I can't post the picts yet... (sorry, that was kind
of mean... ;-)) I must say that I like them a lot and I have taken pictures and I have mailed them... so as soon as she receives them you can see too...

hmm... but I do have a couple other pictures to share. First, I purchased some material to finish a needlebook that I started. I think it will go nicely.

Also, a picture of LHN Winter Wonderland... I think it is destined to be a pillow... Need to go down to the "room" and look through my quilt stash for appropriate fabric...

It's a bit overcast outside but the sun did shine a while ago... so nice ~ it's suppose to be 67 degrees today... yipee!!! and in the upper 40's to mid 50's for the next 10 days ~ the snow should be gone soon... (I hope)
Hope your day is lovely...


  1. Love the Winter Wonderland and your needlebook is coming along very nice. I'm so excited about your squares.

  2. I love the fabby you've picked out for your needlebook. Very pretty. Now I have Winter Wonderland...I finally have the fabby for it...I thought about doing it...ready?....OVER ONE. Please talk me out of this for I really love my eyesight! :-) You're is so very pretty.

  3. Mine isn't over one... and no I won't try to talk you out of it... wait... what ct??? that might make a difference! It's a very cute pattern!

  4. I love your Winter Wonderfuland! LOL--okay, that's a typo but I suppose it suits... your Winter Wonderland is wonderful. ;) Love the needlebook, too--the fibers & fabric are wonderful. Can't wait to see your squares!

  5. Your LHN piece is sooooo cute! Anxious to see how you will finish it. Melody

  6. Winter Wonderland turned out great! Look forward to seeing it finished as a pillow.