Friday, April 10, 2009

School Girl Necessities Needlebook

I finished it!!! Now, I finished it myself... and I am not 100% happy with it (a little rough) but I know things that I will change for the next one... I had bought the purple fabric for the lining... but with the light color of the linen I thought maybe the muslin that they called for would look better so I went with that. But YIPPPEEE!!!
It's DONE!!! ;-)
The pattern is by With My Needle.


  1. That is so very pretty!! Congrats on the finish!

  2. I think you did a great job on your finishing.I do all my own finishing and enjoy the challenge........I like your blog.Amy

  3. Um, WHAT are you not happy about missy? It turned out BEAUTIFUL! You should be very proud of yourself!

  4. Woohoo!! It's beautiful! Congrats on the finish--and doing the finishing yourself!

  5. That a great finish. Congratulations on getting it done. I love the colors. Purple is my favorite!!

  6. Beautiful color and beautiful finishing

    Congratulations to you!