Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Hope this day finds you all well and good!  It's a bit cloudy and dreary here... warmish... but grey.
I have been busy with so many different things.  I can't believe it's already March 17th... my brother's birthday was March 15th!  I texted him Happy Birthday the day before, but as usual... I didn't get his card in the mail!  That's me.  My other brother's birthday is next week... maybe I can be better... He'll fall over if he get's a card in the mail on time from me! lol
Well, I finished My Shade.  This design is by Erica Michaels.  I loved it when I first saw it.  There are some changes that  I made to it.  The trees in the 3rd panel had some specialty stiches that I didn't care for and I really liked the look without them... so I left them out.  I also changed a few colors, either because I didn't have the one called for or because I wanted too! LOL... she used a white for the flowers on the small tree at the bottom right hand corner... I used WDW Chablis... which is a pale to light pink.

I am currently working on my squares for Round 18 Fair and Square exchange... I am doing a design from Homespun Elegance on Vintage Exemplar linen... so pretty...  All I can tell you though in case Nicky (my exchange partner) was to check in.  Am getting ready to start "Resurrection"  that I posted earlier.
Well, I must be off! 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Morning!

I had visitors yesterday... momma and her twins.  It was nice, sunny, mostly blue sky...  Brandon and I watched the USA/Canada hockey game... Congrats Canada! Good job USA... nothing like a little excitement... and I don't even watch hockey!  Mike and Corey went snowmobiling, probably for the last time... it's suppose to be 50 today... we have an icey mushy melty mess... dreaming of spring!

Mouse (the cat) isn't she pretty?  and very cross eyed! lol

My Shade update... about 2/3s done! Yay! The words that I'm working on now are 1 over on 40... I'm going to look like my cat!!!