Sunday, October 2, 2011

catch up...

Hi All!
I'm still here... really I am!  I've just been so busy! Bad excuse, but the only one I can come up with...
So, what's new with you???
Here is high school... football... work... bears...
As you know... my oldest plays football.  He is a senior.  He really loves the game even though they haven't had a good season... 2 weeks ago at an away game in the first quarter he broke his collarbone.  Bummer in more ways than one.  Of course, it's his senior year... and he's out.  We got lights on our field... so the first night game EVER was played last week...   His coach is going to suit him up for the last home game... senior night... he won't play but he will get to wear his uniform one more time.

It was Homecoming last week.  Our big Booster Club membership drive.  The boys played hard but lost miserably... 
The highlight of the day for me was probably waxing my youngest's hair and spray painting it black.  Their floats theme was Punk Rock... too funny!  (if you knew ds you would understand!)

Also, the last 2 weeks we've had a visiting black bear... wish I had a picture for you... He is not a big bear, probably a 2 year old.  He has been making the rounds in the neighborhood.  He even got into someone's freezer and ate frozen chickens, 2 loaves of bread and I don't know what else.  I heard him at our house one night... came downstairs and turned on the porch light to see him drinking out of the water dish... then he took the cat dish off the railing and licked it out (it was empty) and then checked out the bar-b-q... nothing there so he left.  I called the local wildlife biologist and he brought a trap to catch him in.  He had had several calls on the antics of the little fellow.  He wasn't at all scared or nervous about us (people) or the dogs... or much of anything.  So after Jay brought the trap out the visitor didn't come back... I was beginning to think that something happened to him.  I mean he was here every night for more than a week.  Then nothing.  For 3 days no bear.  But last night he finally came back.  He found himself inside a live trap and so he ended up taking a ride to somewhere far away.  Yeah!
Lastly, I have been doing crafts... I have 5 quilts that I'm working on.  3 for me/my family and 2 samples for the store.  We will be going to the Spokane Quilt Show. (I won't be there but the store will have a both there)  if you have a chance you should stop in... I've been told it's an awesome show!  I have finished Sail Away... will post a picture soon.  I am taking a class from Toni... Civil War Diaries... wow... 121 - 6" foundation pieced blocks... what am I thinking??? I'm doing it in blacks and tans and creams... I'm excited but... I will take pictures of these soon...
This weekend I took a Bear class from Renee... oh... I could get into mohair bears!  Here are some pictures from start to finish.

Now... we will see how many of you read this... 
My bear needs a name... So help me pick one out! Leave your name idea in a comment!
Thanks and Until later... stay safe

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi All!
Back from a weekend of riding dirt bikes and atv's on the sand dunes just out of Rexburg, Id.  We had a great time... a little scary but mostly fun.
Started with a football game in Drummond.  Our boys lost... :-( but they played hard and didn't give up.  Brandon had a 61 yard run... ended with a leg cramp, but was a heck of a go down the field! 

Road for 2 days.  It's quite strange... sand dunes out in the middle of Idaho scrub brush... and beautiful white sands... no dust.  It was very loose as it's been hot and dry there for sometime.  The skies were clear and blue.  

Sunday was my birthday.  We had a great dinner! Rib steak, corn on the cob & red beans and rice.  Then we went to Dairy Queen and I got my favorite Blizzard ~ Banana Split.
We came home Monday in time for the JV Football game.  They played valiantly but didn't quite pull it out.
Didn't have much time for stitching or quilting or much of any kind of handwork so nothing new to show on that front.
Until later,

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wow! Summer's over and School is here with a BANG!

I don't know about you, but time sure flies!!!
School has started.  I have 2 high schoolers and one is a senior! He's in Football... GO HAWKS!

I'm also Booster Club president (I just can't say no) and Homecoming is 2 weeks earlier than last year... I'm also the adviser for our high school pep club "The LOUD CROWD!" and we met for the first time this week.  We have been working on fliers, parade permits, school spirit ideas... and it's canning season, and bow season just opened, and, and, and!!! lol  I've made raspberry jam (has to be seedless for spoiled man of house!) and fruit jam ... what's in fruit jam... anything that's on the counter that you don't have enough of by itself! lol... plum/apricot/peach/raspberry jam! Working on cherry jelly and applesauce today! YUM! :)

My niece and s-i-l came up over Labor Day Weekend.  I'm taking her senior pictures... she's so beautiful! This is my favorite one so far... 
I've done a little stitching and a little quilting... Sail Away is almost finished...

We had family here over the weekend... had a campfire... made sh'mores and my niece bought some magic color stuff... what a pretty fire!  

Until later have a great weekend!

9/11 don't forget the fallen... never forget the hurt... pray for the families, pray for our country, pray for those who wish us harm...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baa Baa Black sheep... have you any wool???

As you all know from my name... I LOVE Wool! Adore it! OOOO & Ahhhh over it... 
So I found this very sweet blogging friend who hand dyes lovely, lovely, lovely wool... check out her blog~ Christy at the Double M Sheep & Wool ~ she has a lovely sheep rug she's showing called "Gracie in the Pumpkin patch" so very cute.   I just ordered wool from her for a rug that I'm planning on doing... when I get my order I will post a stash report! stay tuned for that!!!  I'm also adding a link to her store on my side bar.  If you love wool like me... give her a try! :-)
until later...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Late Summer Flowers... 

George... he is so cute!

Here is Crab~Apple Hill "Summer"
I am working on summer colored pinwheels to go around the border...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Great Place to Shop!

I just got an order from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I ordered from her shop on eBay but just found that she has a blog spot. Check out her wares!  I got flosses, ric rac, buttons and chenille.  Lovely hand dyed items!!!  She has also added some lovely quaker inspired cross stitch charts.

You can't tell that I'm in a fall mood can you??? 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet George... and pictures as promised

Do you remember that Looney Tunes Cartoon... the Abominable Snowman?
Meet George... he came to our house about 2 months ago... he actually belongs to my oldest DS... but... he grows on you.  We haven't had a kitten in the house for 5 years... you forget the antics and the amusement they provide... and of course the mischief and the love... and he is a motorboat!  

When the new Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine came into the shop, we pounced on it... it has several projects (15 to be exact!) While we oooo'd and ahhhhh'd over it, Pam said to me OH! I think you should stitch me this mermaid!!! (I'm the stitcher of the group) I laughed... she laughed... and so this weekend I started stitching... it's a quick stitch and really cute!  I should be done soon if I'd just get stitch time! LOL!

We went to Flathead Lake for the weekend... spent most of our time on Wood's Bay.  Please forgive me! the days that it was calm and lovely I didn't take my camera... the day that there were whitecaps on the lake... I did... :/  Anywhoo...

Got $4.5 Million???
Ok... so on Wood's Bay there was this house that I drooled over... it didn't look overly fancy, just really nice, beautifully landscaped... perfect lake house... I went online when I got home and guess what??? It's for sale... and it's a little fancier than I realized... LOL!
check it out: 32951 Driftwood Lane. Now if you decided to buy this lovely house... please drop my name to the Realtor... I would like a finder's fee... ;-)

See my lovely Pumpkins with blackbird??? This is what I got from Angela.  It has hung, since I got it in my laundry room... Thanks Angela!!! 
Well, until later...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crab~Apple Hill Patterns and a new magazine!

Hello All!!! 
Have you checked out the new Crab~Apple Hill patterns??? They are so CUTE!!! I, of course am working on more than one... LOL... I have finished Winter completely.    I have  stitched Summer but not finished (am working on pinwheels for border.   I also have Which Witches Boot  started!    I have Autumn completed  before.   

I did a swap and exchanged it with Angela at The Country Cellar.  Check out her blog!  She has some wonderful recipes!!! These are pictures of our exchange... I have her's hanging in my laundry room! I love it!!!
 Calendula Patterdrip's Cottage is another beautiful new design and Spring is another one that I will start shortly...
Also, I'm working on Sailing Away, a pattern designed by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm.  It was published in a new publication called Primitive Quilts and Projects
Prim Projects Magazine cover thumbnail
Check that out! We get it at the store.  This is only it's second publication... It's AWESOME! You will love it, I promise!!! LOL
I will post Sailing Away and Angela's wall hanging tomorrow... I have to go get my camera! :)
Until Later!