Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet George... and pictures as promised

Do you remember that Looney Tunes Cartoon... the Abominable Snowman?
Meet George... he came to our house about 2 months ago... he actually belongs to my oldest DS... but... he grows on you.  We haven't had a kitten in the house for 5 years... you forget the antics and the amusement they provide... and of course the mischief and the love... and he is a motorboat!  

When the new Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine came into the shop, we pounced on it... it has several projects (15 to be exact!) While we oooo'd and ahhhhh'd over it, Pam said to me OH! I think you should stitch me this mermaid!!! (I'm the stitcher of the group) I laughed... she laughed... and so this weekend I started stitching... it's a quick stitch and really cute!  I should be done soon if I'd just get stitch time! LOL!

We went to Flathead Lake for the weekend... spent most of our time on Wood's Bay.  Please forgive me! the days that it was calm and lovely I didn't take my camera... the day that there were whitecaps on the lake... I did... :/  Anywhoo...

Got $4.5 Million???
Ok... so on Wood's Bay there was this house that I drooled over... it didn't look overly fancy, just really nice, beautifully landscaped... perfect lake house... I went online when I got home and guess what??? It's for sale... and it's a little fancier than I realized... LOL!
check it out: 32951 Driftwood Lane. Now if you decided to buy this lovely house... please drop my name to the Realtor... I would like a finder's fee... ;-)

See my lovely Pumpkins with blackbird??? This is what I got from Angela.  It has hung, since I got it in my laundry room... Thanks Angela!!! 
Well, until later...


  1. Cute wall hanging and sweet kitty!!! I love, love, love the mermaid, I went right out to my local quilt shop, they were sold out but my copy is on order.

    Gorgeous house!!!!

  2. George is adorable... I want to pet him, and hug him, and squeeze him and name him George!!!

    I've got a kitten in the house too and wow she makes us laugh!!!

  3. Aaaaaah that made my heart happy. I am always concerned in doing swaps. Glad you were pleased! I LOVELOVELOVE the stitchery wall hanging you did for me!!! And so did everyone else who saw it. You do amazing embroidery.