Thursday, August 11, 2011

A project and some pictures for you...

Hello! Hope you day was great! Mine was pretty good... but I will be away for a few days...  Here is a little scissor pouch that I made up for a little wool project at the store.  If anyone would like directions/pattern let me know.  I will email you a pdf file... I'd love to put it on this post... but I'm not smart enough to get it to copy... so I'm sure we can work it all out.  It's really easy to make and really cute.  You wouldn't have to put the strawberries, you could put a flower or just about anything else you wanted.
Pictures below: Star, my preacher's daughter's horse.  She rode over and gave my nieces and nephew rides one day while they were visiting! They had such fun!

Next is a picture that my ds took on Lake Alva.  It was early and chilly and turned out to be a really pretty scene.  

Then a lovely sunset picture that I took last night... what a beautiful sky!  Montana has some of the loveliest sunsets and sunrises!!! 

Lastly, you all seemed to like the buck picture... here's another that I snapped the same day... he was quite the entertainer... he knew that I was there, but he wasn't sure what I was... so he would take a couple of steps and then stomp his foot at me... take a couple of steps and then blow at me.  Did you know that when deer are nervous they make a warning noise by blowing air through their nose... at one point he seriously blew snot all over, but I didn't really get it on film.  This was after I toyed with him for quite some time.  He would get nervous and jump away and spin around... it was so funny...  

I hope your weekend is wonderful... 
until later, 


  1. Love it. Would appreciate the pattern please. Your work is always so sweet.

  2. Cute strawberry pouch. I love strawberries!

    The pics are wonderful! You could make a calendar!

  3. Cute strawberry pouch...I would appreciate that pattern and will give it a try. I am not a great finisher but it looks so cute.

    pj from iowa

  4. Wow - you are a really gifted photographer. Those photos are simply breathtaking! Love the last one! Did you make puff sounds back at him?

  5. What a very cute little scissor case! I would love to have the pattern. Thank you for your generosity!

  6. Love your strawberry piece!!

    Great photos!!