Tuesday, August 9, 2011

been long gone...

Summertime... sweet, sweet summertime...
Hi All... sorry about the long absence.  It wasn't my intentions to be gone so long, but I haven't been stitching much and time just seems to fly by.  Summer always goes that way.  You anticipate it... and then you blink and it's over... and you just wonder where it went and how you missed it...
Our summer here in Montana didn't even seem to start until July and now it's August and football practice starts on Friday... and school to follow.
So what have you all done over the summer?  My boys and I got baptized on Sunday in the lake! and it was the youngest's birthday... sweet 16!  It was such a nice day!
I have worked at the quilt store... which I have to tell you is so much fun!  The gals are all so awesome! I have done some quilting and I have done some embroidery and wool projects.  I haven't totally skipped out on stitching either.

I participated in the Black Bird Design swap on Fair & Square Blog.  I have so many projects to finish.
I have also been working on my yard... it is starting to look like a real yard.  And I got strawberries from my strawberry patch!
I must go... but I do promise to come back very soon!
my pups... Copper and Shadow


  1. So good to see a post from you. Wonderful news on your Baptism and the milestone 16th bday. My DD is almost there too!

  2. Hi, Kim - I totally understand what you mean about summer flying by - you make all these plans at the beginning of summer as to what you are going to do, and before you know it, you're getting ready to send the kids back to school - it's been the same situation here. My son goes back to school in two weeks.

    Your wool projects are adorable!

    I've revamped my blog, and to celebrate, I'm offering a blog giveaway - I hope you will visit!