Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

When Irish Eyes are smiling...
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

Here is a lovely recipe for:
Irish Soda Bread (given to me by Rosemary a quilting friend)
it's really really good...
3 c Flour
1 c Sugar
1 tbsp Caraway Seeds
1 c Raisins
4 tsp Baking Powder
Combine above in a large bowl
in separate bowl mix:
1tsp Melted Butter
2 Beaten Eggs
dash of Salt
1 c Milk
Add Dry Mixture stirring well... Form in Greased round pan.  Sprinkle sugar on top and dot with butter.
bake at 350 for 50 minutes or until golden brown.
(she flours and sugars the cake pan.  She also soaks the raisins in water for a while before adding to dry mix)
When you finish sprinkling with sugar and putting butter on top make an X on top. (she says it's not necessary but she always does it!)  This is soooo good!!! you will not regret taking time to make it!
Resurrection as it is this morning...

until later...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Resurrection and kitties...

EftH Resurrection...
here's a quick update on stitching...  41 Days left for my Crazy Goal!

I feel as if this was a major accomplishment to finish the top mural area.

I love the rabbits and the crowns...

The next section is a band of flowers... I want to start now, but I have to get ready for work.  
On another note, the family went to town Saturday... we were driving along the lake and there are a couple cars stopped and they are looking in this tree... I figure eagle... oldest ds says, I think there's a big nest... ok... we get back from town are driving along lake... there are now lots of cars and people... we look...

Nice kitty, kitty... big kitty, kitty...
until later,

Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers for all affected by the 8.9 earthquake at Japan

LORD, I pray for help for the hurt.  I pray for strength and love and peace for those who have lost so much. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunshine, wips, stash, updates ...

Good Day!  
I woke this morning somewhat slowly... I was awake at 6am but didn't want to get out of bed... at 6:25 I heard DS go to the shower... so I pulled myself out of bed and went down stairs to make coffee and figure out what was for breakfast.... coffee brewing and eggs out for fried egg/cheese sandwiches... Boys both up and dressed and eating and then out the door to school... and look outside now... blue sky and sunshine! It's cold but warming up... so nice to see the sun!

The other evening one of the boys' friends called and said "Can we have a bonfire at your house?"  (it wasn't really a bonfire... more of a campfire) but anyways for you to have an idea of how much snow we have... this is where they had a the campfire with lawn chairs... look at the pile of snow we have pushed up there! 

I dug out some of my quilting projects that I had started a looooonnnngggggg time ago (let's just say over 3 years)  I think I should finish them...  
I was scared of quilting triangles but I love stars of all kinds, sooo... I decided I should make a feathered star.  Here it is, just a wall hanging.  I ran out of smoke mono filament that I was using on the top so in the closet it went.

The second is a little star that I paper pieced and decided that I would hand quilt (since I have decided that technically I'm a piecer not a quilter) but I will finish the hand quilting on this small project and then be done! lol

Well, working at a quilt store is definitely and enabler... oooo boy, yep... that's partially why I've gotten the quilt stuff out... I can't hardly justify buying fabric if I'm just taking it down stairs and putting it on the shelf!  So I had this sunflower material that I bought about 4-5 years ago and I said to myself "Self, that last quilt was really quick... and really showcased that floral well... maybe you should go find that sunflower material and make another... only not quite as big" and I thought hey that's a good idea... now I have to go and buy  to search my stash for coordinating material... but I didn't have any that worked so I got some at the quilt store... :) 

Now... since I too am an enabler at heart, I have enabled you also... there is a link up under my favorite links to Deer Country Quilts... we do lots of internet orders... so feel free!!! (LOL) we have lots of materials but really a nice selection of Batiks, Flannels and Outdoors materials! A while back I got this book again at the quilt store and took a class... (last year)  It's by Jinny Beyer (holy cow!!!)  If you like quilting this is a very good resource book.  She breaks down blocks into grids and you can see how you can make the most complicated blocks... a lot of times with squares and 1/2 square triangles...

Do you know she pieces and quilts all her projects by hand???
So update on TUSAL

and EftH Resurrection... the deer is done... rabbits... actually close to the first 3rd being done... sort of... lol 

Thanks for the cheers and comments on my CRAZY GOAL!  You'll all keep me motivated!... and besides what a better goal then to finish a stitch honoring the Resurrection of our LORD and Saviour than to finish on the celebration of that very event???
Until later my Peeps...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crazy Goal...

Been stitching more... and I have a crazy goal... I want to finish EftH Resurrection by Easter Sunday... WHAT???  Ok, so yeah... that might be a bit hopeful... LOL! but it's a goal none the less...
So here's progress today March 8th...

And here's what the finished work looks like... I just figured out I have 6 weeks and 5 days... yes... I think that's crazy... :)
Until later my Peeps!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


WooooHoooo! I got some stuff done!  
Firstly... that fabric that I showed you... I cut and sewed and lo and behold I got the quilt top done by Thursday night!!! Whatever has gotten into me??? lol  granted it's a very simple pattern, but still! :)
Then... I had my eggs almost done.  I promised the gals at the store that I would finish them up and have them done so that people could see what we were making for the class... and lo and behold I got them done and the finished this morning... heavens... 2 finishes??? 

But wait!!! I pulled out a quick little stitch that I finished (the stitching) like last year... or the year before... I don't know but he's been floating around for some time... and look!!! I made him into a little wall hanging! Isn't he too cute???
So... there you have it! 3 finishes in like... 4 days??? How productive! How amazing! How satisfying! Now, I have to clean my kitchen... :( not as exciting or amazing but probably productive...
until later... stay warm...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Look what happens when you work at a quilt store..

Just look! I mean... how can you NOT be tempted?

I have the nine patches done... working on the sashing strips (almost done with them) such a cute and quick pattern! (I bought the fabric and book today!!!)  Yeah... what's one more WIP? :)

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening to you where ever you may be today.  I haven't posted for a few days... 1. Because I always want to show you progress on whatever I'm working on... 2. Because it's been a little busy... 3. I feel a bit down... hmmm... now, I don't know that any of those are good excuses, but it's what I've got... Today, however... I have progress to share... I'm at home at the moment... and I feel ummm... somewhat better... 
I know that by now you've all probably heard about Lisa at The Primitive Needle... I don't really know what else to say that hasn't been said... I didn't know Lisa.  I do have some of her charts, she was a very talented designer.  My prayers are for her family and friends... and all of the stitching community who will greatly miss her. I guess it just really hit me how fragile life is and how we should really make the most of our time here.
I watched the news yesterday morning and as I looked outside at the snow falling somewhat heavily and all the snow that we have I had a very hard time picturing the wild fires in Texas and Florida.  70 homes lost last I heard... The flooding in Ohio that took Lisa... Earthquakes, storms, fires... We see pictures of unrest in the Middle East, unrest in our states capitols', unrest all over the world. Celebrities making themselves look like idiots... how out of touch is Hollywood???  It seems that the world is literally falling apart around us...  That is a bit unsettling.  It saddens me... makes me feel heavy at heart.  Partially because I feel as if I'm not doing enough to make a difference.  At the same time... I feel at peace... does that sound strange to you?  To say it out loud it sounds a bit to me... but I know the LORD and I believe that HE has a plan for us and that HE loves us.  I know the picture that we see is only a part of the masterpiece... and that puts my heart at peace, even when it's troubled... so... there you go...
Anyhooo.... Progress to report... what have I been working on??? Well, a few things.
I have done just a little on Quaker Christmas from Bygone Stitches. 

I have been working on Resurrection by EftH.  This is really a lovely sampler! I'm at that point that I want to stitch more and more of it!

Remember I told you that I'm working Mondays at my lqs... how much fun! The girls are all just wonderful and they have fun... you always hear someone laughing.  You can work anywhere doing anything if you like and enjoy the people you work with... what a bonus to work with wonderful people and enjoy the job too! (lol... but I digress) ok, so I'm doing a store sample... another Bird Brain Design called Eggs on Parade...  (check out their free patterns... great tea towel embroidery designs!)

How CUTE!!! I love wool and wool projects... I have one more egg to embroider and then stitch them to my background... it was really an easy project.  I'm going to be teaching a class on it at the shop.  I'm also going to take a class at the shop... Renee is going to teach us how to make the loveliest mohair teddy bear! 

I can't even picture me making this cute little guy... 

Well, so this is a pretty long post... thanks for taking the time to read... I hope for the best for you and whatever is happening in your day.
Stay warm!