Monday, March 14, 2011

Resurrection and kitties...

EftH Resurrection...
here's a quick update on stitching...  41 Days left for my Crazy Goal!

I feel as if this was a major accomplishment to finish the top mural area.

I love the rabbits and the crowns...

The next section is a band of flowers... I want to start now, but I have to get ready for work.  
On another note, the family went to town Saturday... we were driving along the lake and there are a couple cars stopped and they are looking in this tree... I figure eagle... oldest ds says, I think there's a big nest... ok... we get back from town are driving along lake... there are now lots of cars and people... we look...

Nice kitty, kitty... big kitty, kitty...
until later,


  1. Okay...too funny. I had to reload the page and my cursed Internet connection hadn't downloaded the pic. NOW I SEE!!!

  2. are really making progress on your will be lovely when you are done!

  3. That's one heck of a big kitty!!

    You're making wonderful progress on your piece. I really like the colors of it.

  4. Great progress on Resurrection! Such a beautiful sampler.

  5. What great progress you're making on Resurrection! It's so pretty too!

  6. I always enjoy watching your stitching progress....but I love that CAT. Wonderful that you were able to get a great pic!! Hugs

  7. Great progress and very cool kitty!!

  8. Wow now that is one big kitty! lol!

    Beautiful progress on your Ressurection piece.