Saturday, March 5, 2011


WooooHoooo! I got some stuff done!  
Firstly... that fabric that I showed you... I cut and sewed and lo and behold I got the quilt top done by Thursday night!!! Whatever has gotten into me??? lol  granted it's a very simple pattern, but still! :)
Then... I had my eggs almost done.  I promised the gals at the store that I would finish them up and have them done so that people could see what we were making for the class... and lo and behold I got them done and the finished this morning... heavens... 2 finishes??? 

But wait!!! I pulled out a quick little stitch that I finished (the stitching) like last year... or the year before... I don't know but he's been floating around for some time... and look!!! I made him into a little wall hanging! Isn't he too cute???
So... there you have it! 3 finishes in like... 4 days??? How productive! How amazing! How satisfying! Now, I have to clean my kitchen... :( not as exciting or amazing but probably productive...
until later... stay warm...


  1. Wow Kim what finishes, the quilt is beautiful, the eggs are gorgeous and oh my the sheep piece is just adorable!!

  2. go girl!! Love your finishes. The quilt top is just beautiful!! Congratulations!

  3. OMG! I love all your finishes! Wow! You are very talented -- and so many finishes at once too!

  4. You're a fast mover!! love the quilt!! The eggs are fabulous, thanks for the link:))

  5. Wow! You have speedy needles - I love all of your finishes!

  6. Wow! Awesome finishes, you must be thrilled! Those eggs are just the cutest thing EVER!!!