Friday, September 9, 2011

Wow! Summer's over and School is here with a BANG!

I don't know about you, but time sure flies!!!
School has started.  I have 2 high schoolers and one is a senior! He's in Football... GO HAWKS!

I'm also Booster Club president (I just can't say no) and Homecoming is 2 weeks earlier than last year... I'm also the adviser for our high school pep club "The LOUD CROWD!" and we met for the first time this week.  We have been working on fliers, parade permits, school spirit ideas... and it's canning season, and bow season just opened, and, and, and!!! lol  I've made raspberry jam (has to be seedless for spoiled man of house!) and fruit jam ... what's in fruit jam... anything that's on the counter that you don't have enough of by itself! lol... plum/apricot/peach/raspberry jam! Working on cherry jelly and applesauce today! YUM! :)

My niece and s-i-l came up over Labor Day Weekend.  I'm taking her senior pictures... she's so beautiful! This is my favorite one so far... 
I've done a little stitching and a little quilting... Sail Away is almost finished...

We had family here over the weekend... had a campfire... made sh'mores and my niece bought some magic color stuff... what a pretty fire!  

Until later have a great weekend!

9/11 don't forget the fallen... never forget the hurt... pray for the families, pray for our country, pray for those who wish us harm...


  1. It is that busy time of year isn't it!!

  2. Wow, you are busy!!!! Your niece is so pretty and I love that mermaid :-). I got my magazine last week finally, LOL.

  3. I hear ya about school and all it's activities! Beautiful stitching and love the colored fire. Your niece is very pretty too :)

  4. I agree; your piece is very pretty and that is one gorgeous picture! You are very talented.

    I love your mermaid stitch too. Now I have to go and check out "Sail Away"...

  5. Sail Away is gorgeous! I love it.

    Your jam sounds really yummy!