Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi All!
Back from a weekend of riding dirt bikes and atv's on the sand dunes just out of Rexburg, Id.  We had a great time... a little scary but mostly fun.
Started with a football game in Drummond.  Our boys lost... :-( but they played hard and didn't give up.  Brandon had a 61 yard run... ended with a leg cramp, but was a heck of a go down the field! 

Road for 2 days.  It's quite strange... sand dunes out in the middle of Idaho scrub brush... and beautiful white sands... no dust.  It was very loose as it's been hot and dry there for sometime.  The skies were clear and blue.  

Sunday was my birthday.  We had a great dinner! Rib steak, corn on the cob & red beans and rice.  Then we went to Dairy Queen and I got my favorite Blizzard ~ Banana Split.
We came home Monday in time for the JV Football game.  They played valiantly but didn't quite pull it out.
Didn't have much time for stitching or quilting or much of any kind of handwork so nothing new to show on that front.
Until later,

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