Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Morning!

I had visitors yesterday... momma and her twins.  It was nice, sunny, mostly blue sky...  Brandon and I watched the USA/Canada hockey game... Congrats Canada! Good job USA... nothing like a little excitement... and I don't even watch hockey!  Mike and Corey went snowmobiling, probably for the last time... it's suppose to be 50 today... we have an icey mushy melty mess... dreaming of spring!

Mouse (the cat) isn't she pretty?  and very cross eyed! lol

My Shade update... about 2/3s done! Yay! The words that I'm working on now are 1 over on 40... I'm going to look like my cat!!!


  1. Love the pics of the twins and Mouse, and yes, she is a pretty girl!! Enjoy the over 1 on 40 count. I just finished a silk gauze piece on 40 count silk gauze...all over one. I kind of just got used to it with a great light and good mag eyes! Have a great week!

  2. Mouse is a very gorgeous cat,
    Love the deer photo's, we have them in our back yard too.
    The WIP is looking great.
    I just love the charts you have accquired as of late.
    The Peaceful Garden... when I see it, it just draws me in, lol

  3. Oh I adore your stitching project. Who is the publisher of that pattern?

    Your cat is just precious.

  4. 50 degrees? Wow, love it. Spring can't be too far away. Love the pictures of the deer too. We have them occasionally come through our yard. It's a little startling sometimes when they show up, but they're so beautiful! And you're making great progress on your piece. It looks wonderful.

  5. She really is cross eyed? or is it just an illusion? She's pretty, she looks like my Chatty (his handsome mug is in my side bar)

  6. Vonna... she is very cross eyed... thinking there is siamese in her background! everyone who sees her says Wow... that cat's cross eyed! lol

  7. Your cat is adorable! Love the nature pics, too. Great job on your WIP!