Monday, March 30, 2009

Old WIPs Revisited...

Well, you all know how it goes... I "built" this quilt oh,I don't know
how long ago... let's say 3 years. I truely love it... it started with
my Love Affair with WOOL... and a pattern in a BH&G Patchwork magazine... (I'll have to find it for the info) this gal designed it inspired by the Amish and their use of color. She did it with hand dyed cottons... I dreamed of a wool quilt and had gathered beautiful hand dyed wool fat 8ths... I purchased some black flannel wool on the internet and felted... it is soft and lovely... and so it began...
I put it all together (top) layered it with batting and backing The original quilt design did not have the flowers around the border... I added that later... I "designed" the flowers myself... and then I attempted to hand quilt it...
hmmm the story ends there for the last say 2 years 10 months
it has set in my closet... While emailing Imi (one of my new online
friends from Holland, ) and discussing wool I mentioned my
quilt... which prompted me to get it out of the closet on Saturday
and pull my stitches of hand quilting. I have detrimined
that if I wait for me... (as I have discovered that I am not a
hand quilter) my quilt will remain forever in the closet...
and it ohhhh so wants out!!! (lol)
I have a local gal here in town who will quilt it for me...
so today it will make the journey to
the quilt store to meet up with her...


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  2. That is so beautiful, Good plan to get it finished

  3. That is a beautiful quilt. I can imagine how god it feels to get it finished and I can imagine the warm and cozy nights underneath it.

  4. :::::thunk::::: That is the sound of me falling off my chair. Oh. My. Gosh. That is SUCH a beautiful quilt! I've never heard of a quilt done in wool--it must be amazing in real life! And the applique--wow. I used to be an avid quilter and I won't embarrass myself by telling you how long I have been hand quilting a big quilt... let's just say I take it out every few years and put in a few stitches and then think about how much I prefer stitching Xs on linen rather than stitching on quilts. I have one quilt that somebody else quilted for me, she did a fabulous job, and it was worth every penny. I would love to get back into quilting eventually--and seeing that beautiful quilt top is really whetting my appetite for it! Beautiful work.

  5. breath....I must breath...It's SO pretty no wonder it's been screaming to get out! Let those colors be heard! I can't wait to see it done.

  6. Your wool quilt is stunning Kim

    I hope you can get it done even if by the local woman - it is marvelous and WOOL is even better - right!