Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brave Hearts vs Brave Heart...

Hey, Lori, what do you think? Of course I Love any LHN chart especially this one... I mean sheep and all that... what's not to love... and well, Mel Gibson??? I think this is probably one of my all time favorite movies... (added music just for the occasion ~ lol)


  1. *sigh* *thud*...Mel in his 'sane' days...oh how I miss him from those days.....I have a Braveheart poster hanging in my basement and it's my 'happy place'. My DH will not wear a kilt though...bummer.

  2. What a wonderful combination, lol
    Sorry! I am behind in blogging. I am thrilled you like the FOB, you displayed it very well.
    Stay warm!!

  3. Hmmm, I think Ranae said it best--a wonderful combination!! ;) I love Mel in that movie!

  4. Lori... you make me giggle!

  5. Hi there...
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog and for the birthday wishes... gosh How I long to try out to punch neede...:o) ...btw...And I Love Braveheart and