Friday, March 27, 2009

A Finish! and something new...

Hey All!! I finished
LHN "Heart of America"
I think that I'm going to
make it a wall hanging
with a dowel...

Also I started the Primitive Traditions "checkbook keeper" I'm still waiting for my silk threads... so, I've put it aside until I get the other colors. I suppose that I could just go ahead and finish the stitching in the Seaweed... but I really like to finish as I go.... frustrated sigh... It's on 40 ct Sheep Straw... lovely linen...

Also, I'm working on my Fair & Square trade. I hope that Daniela likes it... I will post a picture after she receives it... I will tell you that I'm working 1 over 1 on 32 ct... I was thinking that I'd try a 1/1 on 40ct sometime soon... hmmmm.... now, not so sure! lol! 1over2 on 40 is no problem... but... ;-)

It snowed again this week... but I started some seeds... I just transplanted little sprouts of "Blanket Flower ~ Goblin" The blanket flower is a native plant to our area... I'm hoping that the deer don't find it as appealing as other flowers. Anyone else out there have to deal with deer??? I love them, but I don't think I'll love them eating my plants... I'm sure I'll be posting on this issue again! If anyone has suggestions let me know!


  1. Oh Kim, now you are making me curious. But I actually had the same idea and doing a one over one for you too. Haven't started thou, but I promise I will make it in time.


  2. Hmmmm, Daniela... I'm curious also! (and a bit excited) For everyone else... Daniela and I belong to Fair & Square blog... look right... and she is my first partner. We exchange 2 6x6 stitched squares... they have many examples on the website. ;-)

  3. "Heart of America" is stunning, the colors are wonderful.
    Seaweed in silks is gorgeous.
    You can have the 1/1 on 40ct. I sruggle till my eyes get use to 1/2 on 40, lol
    We gets lots of deer here, they like my hosta's. I scatter our hair from cuts around the plants. They say it works and they don't bother the plants anymore, until I get a haircut, lol.

  4. Over one on 40 ct? Girl, you are all kinds of crazy! ;) Nah, it IS beautiful, but I shudder when I think of over one on any count!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your gorgeous finish!! It is stunning. I love your PT start, too.

  5. Congrats on that finish, it is beautiful! Love it love it. We have deer in our backyard too but because of the neighbors dog they don't stay long. Now, that wasn't any help was it? LOL