Monday, March 9, 2009

Ramblings for the day...

I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!! I won this lovely scissor fob from Ranae Stitch by Stitch blog
She made it special... just for me! Thank You Ranae! (note the progress on LHN "Heart of America"

Mail Call...
Oooo... what else to tell you about??? I got mail!!! Yay for me! I have ordered a "few" charts and got some of them today!

Primative Traditions: Quaker Pocket Needfuls and Checkbook cover

ByGone Stitches: Quaker Christmas and Quaker Virtues

I joined ByGone Stitchers SAL Blog...

Another LHN... I can't help it!!! Brave Heart...

And Ink Circles: Cercles

Aren't they all beautiful??? I am waiting for threads for the Quaker Christmas...

Have threads and linen picked for the Primative Traditions Pocket Needfuls... am going to make a checkbook cover for me... and for my mom...


  1. You got some great mail and lucky you for such a wonderful prize

  2. I love it all!!!! Brave heart...for some reason that is screaming Mel Gibson to me! LOl

  3. I know... and he's very handsome in that movie too...

  4. Beautiful new charts you got yourself.

  5. Great new stash! I love the fob, too.

  6. Love the new stitchy stash esp. the Quaker Pocket Needfuls.