Sunday, January 9, 2011

BBD Anniversaries of the Heart SAL & my little stitching corner

Hello there Blogging Friends! I promised update to my AotH SAL.  This is a SAL (stitch along) That I'm doing with the BBD (Blackbird Designs) Yahoo Group
I started on January 2nd.  I'm getting close to done... if I keep stitching like I have been.  This is the 1st design of the series, Snow Garden.  There are 14  designs total, 1 for each month and 2 bonus.  Some in our SAL are stitching on one piece, some are stitching separate.  I'm stitching separate. I think they will look awesome framed individually and grouped together.  I am stitching Snow Garden on R&R Iced Cappaccino 40ct linen.  I am using most all the colors called for in the chart.  I have changed 4.  I substituted WDW Dove for GA Toasted Barley, I substituted GA Sable for GA Cindermill Brown, I substituted WDW Chablis for GA Lexington Green and I am going to substitute ?? for GA Portabella.  I'm having most trouble with the Portabella.  I love the look of the sample but my Portabella is mostly brown.  I'm not sure what to use, I thought I'd try GA Green Pastures... too dark, pulled the stitches. I thought I'd try GA Mountain Mist... still a little dark and too tealish... pulled the stitches.  I'm inclined to use both Woodsmoke (roof) and Dove (letters & side of house) to achieve the look I want.  Stay tuned to for continuing drama on the color of the peacock! LOL!  For the year I chose 1990, my wedding date.  The VDR is our last initials (seriously 3 letters!) Then I will add K, M, B & C for our family.




The Christmas tree went away yesterday.  I spent a good part of the day taking Christmas down.  Then I rolled up the rug, swept all the floor, rearranged the furniture, put back down the rug and vacuumed it again.  My hubby wanted to know I rearranged and I pointed to the recliner and said: "That's My Stitching Spot!" It has a lamp for me, a place for all my stuff and a cup of coffee.  Ahhh, he just nodded his head as though this was important to him too.  

This is Sojo, my mom-in-laws dog.  I'm babysitting.  He thinks he's pretty important and that your job is to wait on him hand and foot and play with him and pet him and watch him and read his mind when he wants to go out to potty and to clean up potty if you were too stupid to read his mind and know that he wanted to go out.

There's this SAL that I've been seeing on other blogs called TUSAL ~ Totally Useless SAL.  You are suppose to keep a container of all your snippits of thread.  I can do that... and actually for me it's not that useless cause it keeps my Spot neat and clean.  Well, sort of... lol

Have a wonderful day!  Remember it's a wonderful life!


  1. Enjoyed the visit! Your Snow Garden is very nice! They're all so different, aren't they? Sojo looks a lot like my Pixie, and has the same sort of personality, except she rings a bell when she wants to go out. Yes, it does sound like a story, but not. click on her pic in my side column to see more about it.

  2. Kim,
    I'm loving the look of your Snow looks much more like the model than mine! I'm considering borrowing your idea of color changes, hope you don't mind!
    Great blog! Enjoyed reading it!

    Sharyn :-)