Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday... again

Hey! How is everything with you?  I guess, I should tell you all thanks for being my bloggin buddies!  
Here is a picture for you...

Not as good as the first time I came up the stairs.  This is my bed... maybe I should qualify that... my side of the bed and this is also Shadow (my 6 year old mutt whom we rescued when he was a puppy anyways I digress...) this is his favorite spot during the day.  My first trip upstairs he was laying stretched completely out with head on pillows soundly asleep ~ that was the picture that I wanted to share but he seems to know when your sneaking up on him...

the other mutt... is Copper, who is my 10 year old Boston Terrier/Pomeranian cross... Best dog ever!  Heck, I had a designer dog before such a thing existed!  True story, I went to the store and when I came out (in Great Falls, MT some 60,000 people) in the car across from mine is this white dog... I swear, Copper only white... hmm... Copper had 2 sisters, he was about 6 at the time and I had no idea what had happened to his sisters, (yeah, you know where I'm going with this) so I wait... about 10 minutes for the owner (ok, I did go and talk to the dog, but she wasn't giving any info, she did want to be petted and she was sweet but mums the word on her family) the owner comes (finally) and long story short... yep...Copper's sister! and I could tell it was... and her owner said the same thing... Best dog ever!

My RAK for the week, I went to the post office on Monday. I had to go into the office for pay for postage.  The poor gal working was suppose to have help but they never showed and when her supervisor called she kept saying she'll be there... well, no, she's an hour and a half away in another town! So, this poor gal (who is filling in) has had no break, no food, no drink because she thought she had help... she had been there since 7:30am and it was 3pm... and she still had 2 hours to go... I went and got her a pizza and liter bottle of water... 


  1. That was so kind of you.
    The pups look so comfy.

  2. Those RAK's are so rewarding aren't they? Love the pups.... Hugs