Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hand Dyed Flosses and Threads

Oh how I love hand dyed threads! I buy them just because they are pretty... I have to admit, I get a little frustrated when I buy a chart and I don't have any of the flosses listed even though I have many, many skeins of floss... but they are pretty to look at! lol 

 Now, my only gripe with Hand Dyes are the exact reason that I love them... the color and of course there are different dye lots... so just because your chart calls for this specific color and you love the picture from the chart... you may not get the same look... in fact you probably won't get the same look... and that's ok because it makes that project our very own... and no one will have one just like us.  I am doing BBD Snow Garden right now.  I have changed some of my colors because as I started to stitch with the charted colors I didn't have the same variations that the picture shows.

Blackbird Designs Snow Garden
The chart calls for  GA Cidermill Brown for the window side of house but I used GA Sable because my Cidermill Brown wasn't all that different from the GA Harvest Basket which the windows are stitched.  Probably my biggest change so far, however; is the other house wall.  The chart calls for GA Toasted Barley with GA Woodsmoke for the roof.  I am using Woodsmoke but changed the T.Barley to WDW Dove (which is a color that I LOVE and have adored this floss forever, I have a new project in mind just for it... share later)... 
My last change that I think I'm going to make is my peacock.  In the picture he looks mostly greeny/blue with some browns, the chart calls for GA Portabella... now, I love the Portabella that I got, but it's almost entirely a rich chocolatey brown(in the middle of picture)... not quite peacock material... lol... so, I'm thinking either GA Mountain Mist (lighter color at bottom) or GA Green Pastures (on top)... I haven't decided... I think I will stitch him last...
I'm stitching on R&R Iced Cappaccino 40ct 2/2

Valdani Hand Dyed Perl Cotton... I still haven't used any... it's too pretty!

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  1. I love floss colors too and if I had a shop around, I'm sure I'd spend WAY TOO MUCH on them.