Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stash Report

Being the Wooley Stitcher and a lover of Shepherd's Bush :) I have drooled over this kit for a few years... well, guess what came in the mail??? hehehehe... now, how'd you know that? lol  
Yes! The Wool Gatherer is MINE! or maybe I should say is me... ;)
anywhooo, I'm thinking I don't need another WIP but... just maybe I'm gonna have one...


  1. I just love those Gatherers. You're going to have a great time stitching it!

  2. Oh you are so lucky,,,I to have been drooling over that one and the My Earth one for years,,so have your started it yet..hav fun..

  3. I love the Gatherers! I think you should definitely start it!

  4. I have done the wool and the toy gatherers and have the other 2 to do ,so go on start and enjoy!
    I am hoping to start the earth gatherers after I have finished my 'Journey'.
    Love the sheep in your side bar ,what is it about sheep ,just love em.