Monday, February 21, 2011

Adam and Eve

 Genesis 3: 6  And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

So, now are A&E charts going to be come a must have for me??? I've been checking out different A&E charts from different designers... and oh, there are a lot!  There are at least 3 that are being released at Nashville (ABC Stitch)
This is Elizabeth Jackson 1824 by Samplers Revisited
click here to view larger image of Elizabeth Jackson 1824 (chart)
This is Jane Thomas 1822 by Cardan Antiques and Needlework Design
click here to view larger image of Jane Thomas 1822 (chart)
Remember Us by Examplar from the Heart

Others that aren't new but wanted: Jane PhilpottAdam & Eve Sampler by Shakespeare's Peddler
click here to view larger image of Jane Philpott Adam & Eve Sampler (chart)
By Plum Street Samplers: The Fall of Man,
click here to view larger image of Fall of Man, The (chart)
and Paradise Lost
click here to view larger image of Paradise Lost (chart)
Blackberry Lane: In the Beginning
click here to view larger image of In The Beginning (chart)
Carriage House Samplings: Adam and Eve
Adam & Eve - Cross Stitch Pattern
The Addison Adam and Eve Sampler
Ann Lake Whinburgh 1821
Examplar Dames Design: Guarding Eden

Temptation by Examplar Dames

and my dream... my favorite... the one that I hope to do and finish... 
"And They Sinned"

There are so many more...
Deborah at Midsummer Night Musing has a post on A&E samplers... check it out! I will continue to post for you on this subject... 
I found a great book at the library you may be interested in also.  It's called Girlhood Embroidery 1, by Betty Ring.  It is a phenomenal historical account of embroidery through the times with beautiful color pictures of samples.  It has a section devoted to A&E samplers.  I'm actually looking to purchase this one.
Lastly I leave you with and A&E engraving from a 17th century Bible printed in 1616.  It's listed on ebay if you care to look there are other engravings also... absolutely beautiful! (a little out of my $$ range! lol) but the detailing is awesome.
Until later...


  1. Quite a progress on your A&E, just love this one.
    Well there are a lot of A&E's out there, wow a lifetime stitching there:))

  2. I am new to your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed reading and looking at your beautiful stitching!

    I too love A&E's...thank you for posting those lovely pictures. We can at least dream we stitched them, right?

  3. Kim, thanks so much for putting together this list of A & E samplers...I, too, have been thinking of starting an A & E collection, with no idea where to start. Thanks for doing some of the footwork, lol!

  4. I love trolling Ebay for the A&E stuff... once I weed through the, erm, company named A&E and their, erm, toys. Ahem. LOL

    Nice job on your sampler!! I loved the A&Es that you have listed. Some I have, some are wants. Definitely do ATS--it's such a fun sampler!

  5. Oh wow! All are beautiful -- I didn't need to see even more A&E's that I want. lol! What is the A&E you're stitching? It's really pretty! I should go back in your blog and see. :D Thanks for finding my blog and commenting!