Thursday, February 25, 2010

Springtime... and Copper stories

Dreaming of spring... Ok... the flowers are not from outside... they are silk, but oh how they put me in the mood...  I looking longingly outside mostly because everytime we get snoow it gets warm and then we have a mess.  Granted it hasn't gotten warm enough to actually make the ice go away... just warm enough to melt stuff and then freeze to make skating rinks... however I don't skate.  It snowed probably a good 3 inches last night, now it's 40 degrees and thinking of rain... the water is running off my roof...  Lovely!

Picture 2 and 3 is Copper... napping on the couch... he does have it rough doesn't he?  I do love him to pieces though!  He's my 3rd child...

Ok, I have a "Copper Story" for you... Copper loves chocolate, he apparently never heard there was a health risk for dogs to eat chocolate because he will eat it by the pound!  (and I'm really not exagerating much)  His love affair with chocolate goes back to puppyhood when he "broke into" several Christmas baskets and ate the Hershey Kisses out of them... (very civilized... he takes the wrappers off)  Then Mike (hubby) came home from work (he sells hearing aids) with a 2 lb box of fudge (from a man who owned a candy store and bought hearing aids)  He gave it to me in our room while unpacking his work cloths... being side tracked I set it on our bed and forgot it.  Later that evening I went in my room to discover an empty fudge box... OMGosh!!! 2 POUNDS of FUDGE??? I figured he had expired somewhere or was on the sugar high of a lifetime... but no.  Later I found a brick of fudge in my dirty clothes... hmmm... and then hidden in Brandon's room... ahhh... we are stashing it away for later! Smart dog!!!  Yesterday I went in my closet and found a Candy Quick White Chocolate box with the corner chewed off... hidden under some clothes... we've been on a no candy diet so I guess he decided to raid the pantry... lol... what a mutt!

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  1. kisses to Copper! Such a cute baby.

    Our dog Molly at a 1/2 pound box of See's Chocolate and I thought she was going to have a heart attack! Seriously! She was running and running in circles for an hour and her heart rate was dangerously fast. She's okay now...whew!