Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good Morning

How is your morning?  Mine is sunshining (Ya!), but snow and ice...  I am so wanting spring... I was on Beth Twist's site My Heatstring and she has lovely pictures of spring buds and blooms... I look outside and see winter.  deep long sigh..........
But today is bible study day so I'm busily tiding up my house.  We have a small group of gals that have come over.  This next few months is the Book of Revelation through Beth Moore.  If you like to do bible study I strongly recomend Beth Moore
I will be back... I have to make coffee... hot water... I have a small treat in oven and my hair needs curled! lol
but here's what I'll be stitching on later today...
Erica Michaels:  The Lord is your shade.


  1. I do hope your bible study get together was filled with fun ;) I'm sure it was!
    Love your WIP! It is gorgeous...especially that tree with the large knotty roots!

  2. Oh! This WIP is looking so pretty, love the trees
    Have fun!!

  3. Beautiful WIP...just love it!! Stay warm and enjoy the sunshine!!

  4. That piece is really beautiful. It's going to be stunning when it's finished!!

  5. Nice progress--that's such a pretty piece!