Monday, February 22, 2010


Hey! I'm back... sorry I've been gone so long!  So much going on here... the first year my child played basketball!  We are on our way to District Tournements!  Their team ranked 2 in their league.  He's on the tourney team... but probably won't play much.  He's excited.
Corey has not had a seizure since October 14.  We've got him on a vitamin/mineral diet plan... we've cut back on his meds.  I am so praying he'll be better.  And finally we have an offer on our farm.  Oh, how good it would be to get that sold!!!
So many projects to do... Cross stitch is still my love.  I've been quilting also. 
I've finished 2 more stockings!  How dumb of me though... I forgot pictures before I sent them away! 
Here is the last one... it hasn't been finished yet...  I have 2 more and I think I will be done with those... lol... maybe... ya right!


  1. So happy your back, was thinking of you

  2. Your stockings look wonderful. And congratulations on your son and the District Tournaments!!

  3. I'm so glad you're back! I've been thinking about you. I'm so glad there have been no seizures since October. That is wonderful news. Love your stocking too. Good work. Enjoy the week and BIG HUGS to you and your family!

  4. It is SO good to see you posting again! I am so happy to hear that there haven't been any more seizures. Thoughts & prayers that things continue to be good. :) Beautiful stocking!!