Friday, August 21, 2009

Thanks... I'm ok...

Yesterday was a melt down... sorry All... I just had to explode somewhere... it just happened to be here... the Dr's office called and they had a cancellation for Tuesday... so we are headed to Seattle Monday afternoon... will be in Idaho pickin' berries and floating on the river over the weekend... so you won't hear from me for about 5 days... thanks for all the support and thoughts and prayers and everything!
Working on Angela's wall hanging... ;-)
Waiting on the finished stockings... think I need to start Emma's (my neice's stocking this coming week)
Got the new Just Cross Stitch mag... ooo, some cute stuff!


  1. Kim - if you can't melt down with your stitching friends, then who on earth could you melt down with? Glad you got an earlier appointment. Idaho sounds nice (I have a brother who lives in Idaho) and I know it's cool. Florida is just as hot as the dickens!! Have a good trip! HUGS

  2. Good luck with the appt and hope you find some peace floating and picking in Idaho - we'll see ya when you get back Enjoy! Mel

  3. good lunck with the appointment. We will all keep good thoughts for you

  4. Goodness, have a meltdown anytime you have the need. I have found that stitching friends are the best, to listen and even when we don't understand, we can always lift up a prayer and keep the good thoughts coming your way.

    Hope your weekend is a good one and that the dr's visit has some answers for you all. God Bless!!

  5. Melt away my dear! Understandable!....that dress looks COOL! But...I bet it was warm! Awesome.

  6. I totally feel your pain! I know it is harder on the parents having to watch this happen to their children. Once the medication is adjusted, hopefully he will begin to do much better! Just hang in there and remember I am here anytime you need to talk or just vent!