Friday, August 14, 2009


Well... finished tea towel #1... hopefully none of my family find my blog... or they will see their Christmas presents... and it won't be much of a surprize! lol!

Isn't that just cute??? I found this "store" on Ebay... she sells lots of iron on patterns... this is my sis-i-l... I think she'll love them!!! ;-)

I can't wait to get back the stockings so you can see them. They are going to a new finisher lady... so it will be interesting to see how she does them... hopefully they are like the others... but these are for the mom & dad of the family so... they could be a bit different from the kids'...


  1. Welcome back to the blogs. Your tea towel came out really cute and I am looking forward to seeing the stockings.

  2. Adorable tea towel! I'm sure your sis is going to adore it :)

  3. That is super cute! Congrats on the finish.