Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well, it's Thursday and I now officially hate this day of the week... the last 3 Thursdays in a row Corey has had a seizure. This morning I sat holding my breathe... "ok, we're going to get through the day without a seizure... everything is going to be fine... he's up to full dose for 5 days on his meds... he's been up almost an hour... yep... it's going to be fine... not going to let him play any electronics... just get past the first couple of hours... 9:23am... we're talking, carrying on a conversation... he's quiet... oh, no... not again... please, Lord, no more..." I don't know if I can keep doing this... this week... the last few days... have really been rough for me personally ~ I'm trying to stay calm, be strong for Corey and Mike(DH) and Brandon(oldest)... We are trying to get in to see the specialist... 2nd opinion type of thing... confirming diagnosis... first set for Oct... have gotten it bumped to Sept 10... but not with the same Dr... 1st Dr is epitologist... head of the epilepsy dept... the new Dr is a pediatric neurologist... in the same clinic.
Stitching... I've been working on a swap that I'm doing with Angela... it's very pretty... I like it alot... been admiring the pattern for a couple years... hmm... not saying anymore Angela!!! ;-)
Well, I'll check in later... Corey is going to walk over to his Grandma's... I'm gonna follow.


  1. Kim - My heart goes out to you. My granddaughter was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was about 6. Those seizures are gut wrenching to watch, I've watch them. So..please try, try, try to hang in there and I hope the medication works. Hugs and keep breathing the mountain air to relax. Cari

  2. You poor dear and so sad to watch happen be and totally helpless - I hope a 2nd opinion might uncover something that may have been overlooked - pray for him and for your other boys. Take care of yourself - Mel

  3. My goodness I've had to catch up on some blogging! I've missed yours...:) I'm SO sorry you and your son are having to go through this. Hopefully they can get a grip on it for him...and for you. Sending you a BIG hug.

  4. I am sooo sorry that you have to go through this, to watch your son go through it. I can only imagine how gut wrenching and heart destroying it is for you. I hope the doctors can help. Big hugs. Hang in there, gf.