Monday, June 15, 2009

Fair and Square Exchange with Peg

Ok, Peg finally got her squares... boy, was I getting nervous about that! Last thing you want is to do an exchange and then have all that work get lost in the mail and have you partner not receive her stuff on time!
The pattern I used is a Primitive Traditions Design for a checkbook cover... I just loved it! But, I must admit I changed the colors... the linen that I used is a warm cream and I thought the brown would look nicer than a grey. I started my squares and finished the house (almost) only to notice... I screwed up... hmmm.... would it be noticeable??? hmmm... YES! Grrrrr... Oh, bother... I'm not pulling stitches... I'll just start over! I think it was quicker that way.
Oh... another goof... I stitched it up and then looked at it... now why would I stitch 2008??? that one I did pull! lol
As soon as Heather receives her exchange I'll post pictures... she sent hers to me via Maine mail cause she was across the border... Do you know how much it costs to mail something "bigger" to Canada (or internationally)???? Holy Smokes! I was blown away... when did that happen... I suppose from now on most of what I exchange will be smaller items that will mail in smaller

packages... anyways... I hope you all have a great day...
Oh, and Lori (tkdquintmom) I'm still waiting for that address... ;-)


  1. The squares are looking amazing. The brown color is really nice, can't really imagine how it would have been in gray.

  2. This is so neat! Love it!!

  3. Beautiful squares! I like the changes that you made.

  4. LOLOL silly woman!!!! email me and I'd be MORE than happy to get it to you! lololol! Love the house byw.....