Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Exchange received!

I received these lovely squares from Peg! Aren't they too cute? (note the K A & V for my initials... ;-)) I love them... I bid on a chart on ebay ~ many moons ago (didn't get it)... called the James Town Minstral??? I can't remember anyways it was very remincent of this... I would love to find it... anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyways... I'm thinking of makeing a little pillow/pin keep... but then again I think it would be adorable framed up in a very dark prim frame... what do you think? I'm almost done with my squares for Peg... had a little glitch. Stitched the biggest part of the design then noticed OOPS! Oh, how aggrevating!!! GRRRRR... to much and too big to pull stitches so ~ I started over. I am close to done... can taste it! ;-) Will post when she gets them.

Also, working on another exchange. can't show you that one either... deep sigh... but it's gonna be cute!

It was beautiful Monday! My 13 year old and I went fishing and for a ride... (caught 6 fish ~ they were oh, so tastey!!!) as you can see I make him do all the work... I just catch them! The advantages to being a mom... ;-). I could feel summer! I think it got to be 82!!! Shadow thought it was way too hot to run but he is so out of shape since we moved so he did a lot of running... had to stop at every water hole on the way ~ makes it a little hard to fish LOL! Well, today is 33 so far and it actually had the nerve to spit snow!!! What is with that???? I do think it's gonna be a nice day but really now...


  1. Oh how cute is that? Oh yeah...pinkeep for sure! It was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Michigan. We take advantage of them when we can when we get them here.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day! That is a GORGEOUS exchange piece--lucky you!

  3. I just love this CHS piece! What a great exchange!