Friday, February 27, 2009

My Big Toe ~ Grace ~ Building Block Series

Yippppeeeeee! I'm done!
Well, I posted on line last
week and I finished today.
As I posted earlier I stitched
this on R&R 40 ct
Creme Brulee 2/2. I used
the threads suggested:
Gentle Arts: Black Raspberry Jam
and Briar Rose... the only change
I made was to stitch the Rhodes
Diamond in Briar Rose. It comes out to be 6.3" square and fits beautifully in an 8x8 frame.

I've been preusing my patterns
for the next project... or should I say projects...
I have started ABC Fraktur
by With My Needle ~ Brenda Gervais

Also to start: LHN ~ Heart of America

And Shepherd's Bush ~

Teri's Stocking


  1. Congrats! The finish is gorgeous and already framed. Love the project{s} lol
    you have there.