Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's 9am... I've been up since 6... took the kids to school and am now relaxing... watching light snow fall gently down. We used to live on the east side of the Rockies... the snow NEVER came gently or straight down... usually it would fall at a 45 degree angle with 10-20 mph wind. This is very relaxing and theraputic for me. I can hear my dogs snoring.
I think I need more coffee.

Ordered more charts/fabric and threads... is every crafter/stitcher/quilter out there like that? It's an illness I think... but isn't it lovely to run your hands over beautiful quilt fabric or though a big stash of buttons... or to gaze at gorgeous threads??? And Linen... Oh and probably my favorite WOOL ~ I love wool... went on a major spree of collecting wool... and dying wool... Maybe it's just me... but I don't think so. (below beautiful Valdani pearl~Vintage Hues)I have been working on a new stocking for my brother-in-law... almost finished ~ will post when it's done.

This is a piece of tapestry that someone framed...

it was my great grandma's...

I love it ~ it's very special to me.

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