Monday, April 18, 2011

I wish I could post a smell...

I joined a swap that Parsley hosted... It was a simple spring/Easter swap.  I must say I had fun shopping for my partner Karl... he collects orange traffic cones and dust bunnies... he likes reesees peanut butter cups and hand made items and Gospel music... 
ok, orange traffic cones?  too much fun to try to find! I did, on eBay... cute little mini cones! got him six.  Next... dust bunnies (omgosh you should see what you can find on eBay for dust bunnies) I settled on a magnet that says Protected by Dust Bunnies... Next, I found a wonderful CD by the Blind Boys of Alabama... very southern 50's bluesy gospel, I added a hand made Easter card, a Reesees Egg and some sugar free Nips and Jolly Ranchers.  He expressed much happiness and has picts on his blog!
I received my exchange when I returned from Florida. 

 Amy had me... she sent me a cute cute cute stuffed froggie, lovely and useful notepads, stickies and a journal... a bottle of Juniper Breeze body wash (one of my favorite bath and body scents) and bestest of all... lilac candles... hence my post title... is there a spring smell better than lilacs??? Is there anything more beautiful??? 

So, I leave you with these beauties...
Until later,


  1. What a wonderful swap you got!

    I'm so happy you joined in!

  2. Nice swap! Wish I could smell those lilacs! They are beautiful!

  3. What a fun swap! I love lilacs--the pics are great!

  4. What a cute froggy! I love the smell of lilacs.